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Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorneys defending clients in All Virginia State and Federal Courts.

Being charged with a Virginia criminal offense can be a very stressful process with real consequences including the potential loss of your freedom and rights. There can be no substitute for good criminal defense lawyers | attorneys where your freedom and rights are at stake in an area of the law that is a legal minefield for the unsuspecting.


2. In Virginia, a criminal case is pursued by the state through the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney or prosecutor. The role of the prosecutor is to vindicate the laws of the Commonwealth and ensure that those individuals who have violated the law are properly punished. They are legal technicians in the area of criminal law and are not looking out for the interest of the accused. In fact, the accused is thrown into a process where they are pitted against a knowledgeable prosecutor, a professional witness in the police officer and even judges who may be predisposed to siding with the prosecution. A good defense attorney brings balance to the equation through strong advocacy, careful counseling and meticulous scrutiny of the evidence.

In Virginia, the criminal prosecutor is known as the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Each county in Virginia has an elected official who functions as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the county.  Other criminal prosecution attorneys may be hired who are also prosecutors and are called Assistant Commonwealth Attorneys.  It helps to be familiar with the policies and procedures of the Commonwealth Attorney’s office in the county where your charge is pending as the policies will change for different crimes from office to office.   Bose Law Firm routinely catalogs the professional prosecutors in counties across Virginia - knowledge and a working database are keys to properly defending those charged with Virginia crimes.

The Bose Law Firm is a team of former police, investigators, scientists, and prosecutors. We offer a special advantage other firms do not: we know what the police and government lawyers know and what they need to convict you. Understanding the mindset and knowledge base of the opposition is the key to success in the criminal defense realm.

1. In the Bose Law Firm Team, we have former police and investigative experience. We used to arrest defendants and we are intimately knowledgeable about the process of investigating crimes and occurences. If the police officer made a mistake in the arrest, investigation of evidence collection process, we will know about it and we will file the appropriate motions to strike the evidence | dismiss.

2. We have former prosecutorial experience. We used to prosecute and convict DUI defendants and we are intimately knowledgeable about the Court process. If the prosecutor makes a mistake in presenting your case, we will know about it and we will object - strenuously.

3. We have former core science and technical experience. We have a Bachelor of Science on the Defense Team with intimate knowledge about physiology, biology, chemistry, and computer science. We are intimately knowledgeable about the determination of blood alcohol, DNA evidence, evidence processing, procurement, and testing process. If the scientific or technical evidence is tainted, we will know about it and we will file motions to dismiss and object - strenuously.


The Bose Law Firm is proud of its record in defending a host of executives and professionals in criminal cases.

Within the past year, we have defended numerous:

-Executives in Fortune 1000 companies



-Police Officers

National reputation.

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